MX600 Heavy Duty Bundle Counter

MAXSELL the leader in Banking Industry has launched a new cost-effective solution for the Money counter. MX600 Desktop Bundle Counter is a stylish and compact, heavy-duty money counter. The unit is equipped with a micro-computerized mechanism that allows an accurate and high-speed money counting process -up to 100 Notes per 4 Seconds. Moreover, the MX600 Desktop Bundle Counter is suitable for Counting Nepali Currencies with additional features like Adding, batching & OK stamping functions. It is an affordable & invaluable tool for Supermarkets, retail locations and many other business environments where cash transactions are a daily routine.


Product Highlights

  • Simple, Easy operation
  • Adding, batching & OK stamping function
  • Counts misaligned, old & new currencies easily
  • The Jumbo size dust extractors ensure less breakdown frequency
  • In-built automatic UV detector (optional)

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