GB 4388 MG Loose Counter

Automatic start, stop and clear.

Automatic detecting with UV, MG, MT and IR while counting.

Automatic half-note, chain note and double-note detection.

With batch, add and self-checking functions.


UPDATED with all LATEST NOTES: Accurate Counting of the number of notes.

INTELLIGENT DETECTION: Advanced Counterfeit Detection with UV / MG which makes it impossible to miss any fake notes. Intelligent Fake Note Recognition. If the notes are very damaged or very old then the machine might detect them as fake.

EASY TO USE WITH MULTIPLE MODES – Count, add, and batch modes make money counting simple; In add mode, the machine can add multiple batches together to give you a total amount of bills; In batch mode, Set the machine to count bills in a batch of your choice

LARGE LED DISPLAY: A large LED display shows the number of notes counted and makes it easy to track your changes between different modes. Additional External Display has been provided for customer viewing. A convenient retractable hidden handle has been provided if carrying the product is necessary.

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