JL 8255 would be ideal solution for  retail cash management bank and  CIT service optimization which made by Julong Co. Ltd.With its outstanding technologies such as  banknote authentication, serial number tracking and  other leading technologies, it  can be suitable for any location, indoor or outdoor. Applied in many scenarios and institutions where  big volume  cash transaction take  place and  ensure a secure transaction  environment . Configured with latest technology which greatly improve the efficiency  while maintaining its large capacity.

Download PDF:  JL8255-20200522-update.pdf Category: Brand: Julong


Reliable Cash Deposit Solution

For businesses that fuel the growth of our retail and wholesale economy, our deposit solution is ideal for handling extremely high cash volumes. Our cash deposit solution not only provides a safety case to store your cash but also make your incoming cash to be monitored in every step. Managing your cash statistics over every aspect, our cash deposit solution in such a way helps track your cash and data for the next optimization of cash circulation.

For commercial banks, our cash deposit solution is also an ideal way to provide safe and efficient VIP services to their customers who need deposit large amounts of currency in the bank. Traditional ATM or CRS self-service machines are normally located in public spaces, which will expose VIP customers under the risk. Therefore providing a better service in safety and an effective environment with our reliable and traceable cash deposit solution will definitively enhance your customer’s experiences.

Take Full Advantage of Our Solutions

With a strong capacity of handling cash processing, our banknote deposit solution delivers benefits to our clients in many aspects.

Improve Safety even Without Supervision

With built-in monitoring system in cash deposit machines and cash operation management platform or APPs, our solution covers overall process management to guarantee the high-level of your cash deposit business’s safety. You can rest assured of the following steps:

Machine monitoring: Real-time monitoring and recording.
Bookkeeping: Accounts management for counters, stores, and services center.
Risk management: Risk prevention by supervising over every step.
Payment management: Payment process monitoring.
Cash handling: Management for cash processing and amount checking.
Serial number: Providing serial number capture function for any mistaken counterfeit notes.

Widely Used in Multiple Scenarios

Our cash deposit solution is ideal for banks, supermarkets, mini markets, gas stations, hospitals, and many other businesses.

CIT: cost-effective for both sides by using existing advantage of cash transit service
High way service: reduce numbers of time for collecting cash from different locations.
Warehouse: facilitate a large volume of cash need to be deposited every day.

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