Rototype CJD 6000

 A solution enabling banks to increase the level of service to their customers
 Quality printout, with cheques customised thanks to the powerful graphic printing capability of the embedded high resolution monochrome HP inkjet
 Quiet and noiseless encoding through a thermal transfer Micr film
 Increased accuracy in back office operations

    HEIGHT 65 – 100 mm
    LENGTH 170 – 240 mm
    WEIGHT 80 – 140 gr/m2
    THICKNESS 0.09 – 0.15 mm
    HEIGHT 88 cm
    WIDTH 52 cm
    DEPTH 82 cm
    WEIGHT 144 kg
    Ethernet LAN connection to the host
Download PDF:  CJD6000.pdf Category: Brand: Rototype




The CJD 6000 is a chequebook printer suitable for branch back-office applications or service centers.

Often, Banks may find convenient in order to reduce paper transfer costs to centralize the cheque printing into their main building or to externally outsourced service centers as may happen for Web based banks, mailing customized chequebooks directly to customers.

CJD 6000 well adapts to these approaches as it is designed to work for volume printing also in a really quiet mode thanks to the non-impact printing technologies used.

Through its high resolution ink jet printer ensures the fast issuing of high quality branch/user fully customizable booklets printed with inkjet printing quality.

Beside chequebooks, in the same way CJD 6000 thanks to its excellent graphical capabilities which allow putting in the cashier’s signature, can also deliver single “cashier orders” or “gift cheques” of the entered amount.

Connectivity, high reliability and plenty of powerful and easy to use software tools oriented to booklet design, machine tuning, maintenance and troubleshooting complete CJD 6000 making it a truly omni-comprehensive cheque printing solution, unique in the market.

Main features

The internal cheque printing module is fed by means of two 1500 sheets capacity cassettes adaptable to various paper sizes, one reserved to blank cheques while the other feeds blank covers, order forms and other relevant forms (i.e. advertising or others) assembled in pre-assigned sequence.

Cheques are first encoded by means of a thermal transfer MICR ribbon, followed by a MICR verifier which can validate the encoding process enabling the subsequent step which is the customization printing through high resolution inkjet capable of printing at the 300dpi resolution in all the cheque areas.

Cheques and covers are then collected in the booklet assembling area, capable of collecting up to 50 cheques plus covers, where they are first aligned, then stapled and bound by means of an adhesive tape.

As a last step, the dispensing station includes a dedicated box for storing retracted chequebooks in case of customer misses withdrawing it.

The design concept is similar to a pipeline built with the various stations, which means that at the same time several cheques are on fly moving long edge first, each one under a different module function, so as to maximize performances and produce, as an example, a 25 sheets booklet in less than 100 seconds.

An embedded Web server is included which enables to operate quickly for maintenance aims some basic functions of the machine by means of an Internet browser, therefore without installing any kind of driver and software.


Several tools, most of them supplied complimentary, have been developed to assist the booklet design process, the installation tests, service procedures such as parameter fine tuning, diagnostic and troubleshooting, massive tests, demonstration and also the framework for a real cheque printing solution for back-office style.


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RotoDraw is an intuitive and easy to use tool suitable for the chequebook design process. Application developer should define a certain number of templates, one for each sheet type as cheque, front cover, order form, back cover, advertising and so on, and for each of them it is possible to allocate printing fields in a WYSIWYG mode choosing from standard bitmaps and any Windows true type font.

BitFont is a graphic resource editor generator that can inherit character fonts and bitmaps from Windows systems, graphically edit and convert them into the CJD format, ready to be used once transferred to the machine.

-CJD Service tool
Service tool is a professional tool designed for maintenance and service personnel which allows to test each single device of the machine as motors and solenoids, programming some activation sequences also, or to test complete subsystems as aligners, printers, binding station and so on. It also allows to fine tune all the machine parameters in a really simple and intuitive way. Service tool can be used for upgrading the machine firmware and graphical resources as well as downloading diagnostic traces.


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