Rototype CBD 500

 Quickly print and compose cheque books on demand
 Small size to fit on any Bank branch desk
 Two feeder pockets for checks and covers
 QR code up to 1″ printing capability
 Safety key locked transparent enclosure

    HEIGHT 65 – 100 mm
    LENGTH 160 – 220 mm
    WEIGHT 80 – 140 gr/m2
    THICKNESS 0.09 – 0.15 mm
    HEIGHT 20 cm
    WIDTH 47 cm
    DEPTH 40 cm
    FEEDER CHEQUES: 500 sheets
    FEEDER COVERS: 100 sheets
    COLLECTION BIN: 50+ sheets
    REJECTION BIN: 25+ sheets
    USB port
    RS232 serial port for maintenance purposes
Download PDF:  CBD500.pdf Category: Brand: Rototype




CBD 500 is a smart cheque book personalization machine designed for Bank branches that need to print a low volume of cheque books per day. It is very compact and easy to operate yet using the technology of its top descendant CBD 2000. Having two feeder bins it will prepare quickly a complete cheque book that can be stapled and bound manually by the operator. Ink-jet technology will assure high quality printing and a low cost maintenance.

Main features

The machine is loaded from the top where the user can get access directly to the feeding station composed by two compartments storing  500 checks and 100 covers/order forms.

After being fed, the sheets are transported to the printer station by use of belts reducing the jam rate to minimum. The feeder is manually adjustable for different paper thickness and occasional double feed are detected by a sensor and stored in a dedicated bin.

Printing station is composed by three 3 inkjet high resolution printheads (300 dpi) able to print QR code up to 1″ size. The position is manually adjustable from 5 mm from the bottom of the cheques up to 85 mm.

Printed checks are then stored in the collection station where the booklet of a maximum 50 sheets plus covers is composed.

For security reason the machine is closed by a locked transparent cover to prevent access to unprinted checks by unauthorized persons.



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