High MICR accuracy
 Small, compact, reliable and thus outstandingly suited to counter applications
 Fast and efficient processing speed
 Security mode for evidencing cheque’s security features through UV light

    HEIGHT 65 – 110 mm
    LENGTH 110 – 220 mm
    WEIGHT 80 – 140 gr/m2
    THICKNESS 0.09 – 1.50 mm
    HEIGHT 188 mm
    WIDTH 281 mm
    DEPTH 132 mm
    WEIGHT 2.8 kg
    USB 2.0 High speed interface
Download PDF:  DAB8000.pdf Category: Brand: Rototype




The Rototype DAB 8000 Secure Desk Check Scanner is a small and compact high performance document scanner suitable for various applications in banking or postal environment. Thanks to its compactness, it is the ideal solution for check truncation purpose done at the level of the branch teller, but its performances make it perfect as well for branch or small agency back-office post processing.

Five are the leading concepts which Rototype design team has been inspired by in the development of DAB 8000 as “flexibility”, “performances”, “compactness”, “security” and “ecology”.

High flexibility

DAB 8000 gives a very high degree of flexibility which comes up from both its operating modes and its embedded features and options, enabling the Software Application writers to easily build the perfect solution matching the final customer needs.

It can work in three different operating modes programmable by the application software.

Free Running
In this mode DAB 8000 processes the document autonomously. The application software job is simply collecting incoming data and images. DAB 8000 endorses by itself and also addresses the document into the accept or reject pocket according to the MICR codeline decoding quality.

Micr Driven
In this mode DAB 8000 feeds the document and generates a “preview” of it sending the codeline to the application software. DAB 8000 stops the document inside awaiting for an Host command which could be an “Accept” or “Reject” command. According to this command after restarting the document, DAB 8000 can endorse or not, scan or not the document and send it to the proper output pocket. The Host command carries also the string to endorse which can be dependent on what has been elaborated from the codeline reading.

Scan Driven
This mode is an enhancement of the MICR Driven mode as the “preview” contains both the MICR codeline and the scanned images. Hence, the “Accept” or “Reject” command issued by the Host can be based on the image inspection also. Upon receiving the host command, DAB 8000 endorses the document, if needed, and rescans the now endorsed document or addresses it into the reject pocket without scanning.

Regardless the operating mode, documents can be driven one by one or in the bulk mode for the highest processing speed.

Major features are:

  • High capacity self adjusting feeder designed for processing 100 cheques in a single pass
  • Two document insertion sensors are provided for a reliable and redundant detection of double document feeding.
  • MICR codeline reading with automatic detection of the font, E13B or CMC7, and neural decoding for higher noise immunity.
  • Optical OCR codeline reading with a dedicate optical sensor for OCRA, OCRB and E13B. Suitable for combined OCR/MICR codeline verification before image scanning.
  • One line endorsement inkjet printer or multiline graphical higher resolution inkjet printer preceding the image scanning area enabling archiving of endorsed images.
  • High quality Front & Rear image 24 bit Full Colour or UV light scanning at 200dpi resolution with different format JPEG and/or TIFF, 256 gray levels and adaptive threshold B&W G4 encoded.
  • Double output pocket, the Accept pocket with 100 documents capacity and Reject pocket with 20 documents capacity, enabling document division under application program control.
  • Control panel made of a 2×20 character LCD display, 4 functional keys, two LEDs and a beeper. The control panel can be driven by the DAB 8000 itself or also from remote via the controlling software for customized messages to show to the operator.
  • RS232 serial port for maintenance purpose.

All the configuration parameters can be saved in a permanent memory inside the DAB 8000, freeing the software application from reprogramming them each time.

A Microsoft Windows OCX control driving the DAB 8000 is supplied, together with a multipurpose software utility showing most of the DAB 8000’s features and implementing all the service procedures for internal settings and calibrations.

High performances

Despite the above sophisticated features, DAB 8000 has in the performances its main strength positioning itself at the top level for machines of its class.

The keywords enabling DAB 8000 to achieve this goal are “fastest sensors”, “fastest Digital Signal Processing devices” and “highest communication speed”. In other words, high technology.

DAB 8000 uses the fastest image sensor present in the market being able to scan documents at the transport speed of 1.0 m/s. This could be a meaningless choice if all the rest of the system cannot handle this speed. That means the latest generation of Digital Signal Processor and the fastest communication devices have been chosen, pushing the image data rate flow to the upper physical limit of the USB 2.0 specification.

With these prerogatives, DAB 8000 can handle document scanning faster than 120 documents per minute depending on the configuration and the chosen operating mode.

High compactness

The space on the operator’s desk is in most cases an issue. DAB 8000 complies with this requirement thanks to its small footprint (27 x 14 cm).

What said is without paying a contribute to the accessibility for routine maintenance like cleaning the image sensor glass, replacing the ink cartridge or removing jammed documents inside the unit.

A special system is provided to the operator for gaining access to the image sensor glass for cleaning purpose.

A security switch disabling the power to the motor when opening the central cover is provided.

Also, special care has been taken on designing the document path in order to minimize the document jams.


Since the introduction of the cheque truncation, financial institutions have registered an increasing trend of frauds perpetrated through cheque tampering, hence encouraging, or in some cases enforcing, the introduction of additional security features at cheque design level.

DAB 8000 takes advantage of the most commonly introduced security features for improved security transactions extracting them by means of UV image scanning.

It can grab in the same pass the standard image for archiving purpose and the additional UV image evidencing all the security features printed by invisible fluorescent ink, enabling the operator, or a special software in case of needed automatic detection, to easily and immediately recognize any kind of alteration of the original cheque before truncating it.


Last, but not least, the environment.

During the recent years an increasing interest has been reserved by international communities to the power consumption of electronic equipment and several recommendations have been raised in order to dramatically reduce the power consumption of equipment during their standby condition.

DAB 8000 has been developed following energy saving concepts which allow savings on the electricity bill and also benefits for the environment.

It draws power only when he needs it for doing his job and after a few moments of inactivity it enters automatically the low power mode with really minimal power consumption and a minimal wakeup time for resuming normal operations.

In conclusion, on board diagnosis, power-on self testing and easy upgradeability of the functions and of the firmware complete DAB 8000 confirming it one of the most featured and well appreciated Check Scanner existing in the market, thanks also to its unrivalled quality/price tradeoff.


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